Conference Venue 会场地点

  • 5th International Conference on Data Mining, Communications and Information Technology (DMCIT 2021)第五届数据挖掘、通信和信息技术国际会议(DMCIT 2021)

    Apr. 16-18, 2021/Hangzhou, China

    Call for paper Submission

DMCIT 2021 will be held in Hangzhou, China!(中国·浙江·杭州)



Hangzhou, abbreviated as Hangzhou, is the capital of Zhejiang Province of the people's Republic of China, one of the sub provincial cities, the center city of the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta, the political, economic, cultural and financial center and transportation hub of Zhejiang Province, an important e-commerce center in China, and an internationally famous tourist city. Hangzhou is located in the southeast coast of China, the north of Zhejiang Province, the lower reaches of Qiantang River and the south end of Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal. It has 10 districts, 1 county-level city and 2 counties, with a total area of 16853.57 square kilometers, including 8292.31 square kilometers of urban area, 10.36 million permanent residents in 2019, including 911.9 million urban residents


Hangzhou cuisine has always been known for its light and elegant cuisine in the jiangsu and zhejiang regions. At the same time, influenced by the "fresh" ingredients of cantonese cuisine, hangzhou cuisine is best known for its west lake vinegar fish, dongpo pork and longjing shrimp [165].

Other famous dishes in hangzhou include braised chicken, old duck in clay pot, song SAO fish soup, deep-fried bell, pork shreds from qianjiang river, duck in hangzhou sauce, chicken in hangzhou soup and water shield from west lake. Other famous snacks in hangzhou include xiao long, cat's ear, wonton, pian 'er chuan, lotus leaf steak, oil donger, onion bao kuai er, west lake lotus root starch, etc.


Hangzhou has a subtropical monsoon climate, with high temperature and rainfall in summer and mild and little rainfall in winter (Cfa). The most obvious climate features are obvious alternations of winter and summer monsoon, four distinct seasons, and sufficient precipitation and sunshine [55]. The annual average temperature is 15 ~ 17 ℃ (9 ~ 15 ℃ in northwest mountain area). The coldest temperature is 3 ~ 5 ℃ (-3 ~ 3 ℃ in northwest mountain area) in January. July hottest, the average temperature of 27 ~ 30 ℃ (northwest mountain 20 ~ 27 ℃).

West lake Scenic Spot西湖景区

West lake is located in the west of hangzhou, surrounded by mountains on three sides, covering an area of about 6.39 square kilometers. It is about 3.2 kilometers long from north to south, 2.8 kilometers wide from east to west, and has a circle of nearly 15 kilometers around the lake. west lake has an average water depth of 2.27 meters and a water capacity of about 14.29 million cubic meters. the lake is divided by gushan, bai causeway, su causeway and Yang gong causeway. According to the area, there are five water areas, namely outer west lake, xili lake (also known as "back west lake" or "back lake"), beili lake (also known as "back west lake"), xiaonan lake (also known as "south lake") and yuehu lake, among which outer west lake has the largest area. Gushan is the largest natural island in the west lake. Su causeway and bai causeway cross the lake. Three artificial islets -- xiaoyingzhou, huxin pavilion and ruan gongdun -- stand in the center of the west lake

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